Study in Singapore

Singapore Education, abundant in futuristic intonations and technical advances, is a dream for every aspiring candidate of overseas education. Thus, due to the emergent trend of Singapore education as one of the best educational experiences in the world has given rise to many Singapore education consultants in India, who assist and counsel the students. In this regard, having been counseling successful candidates for Singapore education, we bring to you some unique insights into Singaporean college life and reasons to study in Singapore.

Why should you study in Singapore?

  • Singapore has a strong and well-reputed educational infrastructure, and its Education System ranks fourth among the World’s Best Education Systems.
  • A hub for educational excellence, a study in Singapore offers students an international perspective and diversity of options.
  • Tuition fees are affordable and the cost of living is still significantly lower than in many developed countries, and thus study in Singapore is also cost effective.
  • Government and private scholarships are available for academically brilliant students.
  • Singapore has a stable economy, reputable financial center, key regional trading center, the world’s busiest port, and offers a high quality of life and excellent global networking opportunities.
  • Well-connected via sea, air, and telecommunication to all parts of the world, Singapore is fairly close to India, encouraging students to visit home during every academic break. Thus, a study abroad program in Singapore would also keep you close to home, while providing world class education.
  • Singapore has been named as Garden City because the streets are lined with trees. There are so many green parks designed all around the island. The city is very clean and has strict punishments for people who litter around.
  • Singapore has amazing sea weather. With lots of sunshine and random showers throughout the year, the weather in Singapore is quite consistent.
  • With extremely strict laws, Singapore has a very low crime rate. City streets and public transportation are completely secure for commuters.

All these factors add to its charm, thereby making study in Singapore a viable option for most Indian students.


It is located in Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia.


Singapore’s climate is characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall. The average temperature is between 25 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius. Two distinct monsoon seasons: the Northeastern monsoon is from December to March and Southwestern monsoon from June to September. Inter-monsoon- frequent afternoon and early evening thunderstorms.